Countdown 'till Skydive!

George is Skydiving For Little Monkeys!

This is George Scarlett, born, 3 June 1938. He's had an active life & even though he is now 84, he is still keen to fulfil his ambition to skydive for charity.

He has two grown up daughters & two grandsons. His family are everything to him and he adores children and cares about the world.

Born in Adam Street, George is a Heywood man through & through. He was Head Boy at school & loved his National Service, rising to Corporal during his tenure.

He started working as a delivery boy, delivering groceries on his bicycle for Jackson's Grocers on Bury New Road, Wham Bar, and ended up buying the shop and running it successfully for many years.

Jump forward (pun intended), he became a Lollipop man, a job he adored as he loves children, he did this for 8 years, until he retired at 75!

He is very excited about his forth coming Skydive & is overjoyed to have the opportunity to raise some funds for the Heywood Little Monkeys Children's Charity.

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