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Information for Referrers

We will be happy to help.

Are you working with a family that you think would benefit from Little Monkeys services?
We are happy to offer support to any family affected by poverty who meets the following criteria:

  • The family are resident Heywood
  • They have children living with them at home;
    • Under the age of 18yrs - we can help through our Clothing Project
    • Under 14 years old - we can offer support at Christmas through our Christmas Project  
  • We may also be able to help with nursery equipment.

As a children's charity we cannot offer assistance at this time for single adults, nor can we help parents whose children do not currently live with them. For parents who have equal custody please only refer one parent who you consider to be the primary guardian.

How to refer a family:

You must be working with the family in an official capacity and be able to confirm that they are in need and unable to provide the items for themselves.  We can only accept referrals for families that you work closely with and whose circumstances you can confirm require our support.  We do not normally accept referrals from GPs, teachers or drop in voluntary services.  If this applies to you please advise the family to contact their key support worker to make their referral.

The next step is to complete a referral form on behalf of the family (please do not give the form to the family to complete themselves as this will not be accepted).  Once you have completed the referral form, sign and stamp it for verification and then either post or e-mail or take it to the address 48 Adelaide Street, Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 4HF.  Copies of our referral form are sent out to all statutory and voluntary agencies and offices in Heywood.  If your office does not have a copy or our referral form please contact us.

Once we have received a referral for the family we will make them an appointment as soon as we have the items in stock which they require.  Please be patient as we rely totally on the generosity of our supporters to provide for all our projects.  We will then contact the family direct to advise them of their appointment details - unless you have indicated that you wish to collect parcels for the family on their behalf.

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